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Turning your house into a home

Vizuri Homes provides solutions for a range of homes and budgets, with the single aim of creating beautiful, timeless spaces that support the happiness and wellbeing of a property's inhabitants, turning any home into a true sanctuary.

Welcome to Vizuri Homes. Vizuri, which translates as ‘wellbeing’ in Swahili, offers a new take on interior design and property renovation, with the design process fully integrated around the concept of wellbeing.

Our homes are more than just a roof over our head and somewhere to store one’s belongings. Where we live should be (and often is) the most significant place in our lives, with research showing that the spaces we inhabit have a profound impact on our mental, physical, and emotional health.

However we may experience the ‘home’, there is no doubt that where we reside is becoming increasingly important to us. Post-pandemic, we spend more time than ever at home and therefore require a comfortable, healthy and stylish living environment – a place that actively supports our wellbeing because a real home is one that nurtures us on every level.


Interior design, primarily focused on design principles that support wellbeing and create a healthy home environment

Sourcing and supplying of natural, sustainable, and bespoke furniture & homeware items

Full end-to-end management of any property renovation or redesign project

Principles of healthy homes

Bringing the outside in-

being in the presence of nature brings many proven health benefits; something which can be achieved within the home by incorporating natural materials (such as wood and stone), airing the property daily, to owning houseplants, many of which offer wellbeing benefits such as purifying the air we breathe within our homes. Other initiatives such as growing your own kitchen garden will offer further benefits such as access to a regular, healthy and more sustainable vegetable source for example.

Creating a friendlier home environment through conscientious construction- right angles are extremely uncommon in nature, so bringing in softer, rounded shapes into the home with create more supportive room layouts. Taking into consideration the mindful effects of colour is also vitally important in establishing calming, serene spaces as well as managing light levels (both natural and artificial) throughout the day in order to support our circadian rhythms.

Clean living - creating a less harmful and toxic home can improve our physical and mental health, as well as the health of the planet. There are many ways of reducing toxic chemical exposure within our homes such as furnishing the property with natural materials (like 100% wool rugs or pure cotton and linen bedding), to cleaning with eco-friendly and healthy products that are chemical free, made purely from natural materials.

Decluttering & organisation - today most homes are inadvertently full of clutter and excess as a result of mass consumerism which leads to chaotic and disorder living environments that often cause a home's inhabitants unnecessary stress and overwhelm. Many concepts can help resolve this; from using meaningful minimalism and simple living techniques to the use of integrated storage and organisation, or even adopting the principles of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui, all of which can reap huge health and wellbeing benefits.

About Us

Vizuri Homes was born, quite unexpectedly, when founder, Gabriella (who grew up in Kenya) moved to the UK and purchased her first property in Bath.

The house and garden required extensive DIY & renovation work and re-designing from scratch. After receiving costly quotes to get the work done but without the budget to match, Gabriella began to learn how to do the work herself, which included everything from mastering all sorts of decorating and rennovation techniques (and spending plenty of time in builders merchants!), to the sourcing of natural, sustainable materials and furniture, as well as researching and studying the principles of interior design. Most importantly, Gabriella learnt how to design a healthy home.

In doing so, Gabriella fell in love with the whole process and now helps others create their perfect home environment which supports their health, happiness and wellbeing, whilst also taking the stress and hassle out of interior design and property renovation projects.

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